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About Me

My husband & I have lived in the beautiful country town of Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW for over 33 years.

We have 4 grown children – the last 2 were twins and for us all of the great inventions for children always appeared just after I needed them (e.g.: twin shopping trolleys).

I am Nanny to 7 gorgeous grandchildren who have all helped inspire & trial my creations.

I learnt to sew and crochet in high school, and my mother continued to teach and encourage me.

All products on this site are handmade by me.

I am guilty of seeing a cute pattern and just wanting to make it – but for my website I have decided to focus on a few specialty items.

The Smock Bibs - I first saw this style of bib when my son moved his family back to Australia from Europe, and their 2yr old was using this style of bib. Then those 4 little words came out of my mouth that changed my life: “I could make those”.

My PUL fabric is purchased only from Australia and mostly from Australian companies who have started out as home cottage businesses as well.

I have been crocheting a variety of soft toys and blankets for a few years now but only with acrylic yarn. Then last year I discovered bamboo/cotton yarn & I was hooked.

I buy my bamboo yarn from Hobbii in Denmark; they have the nicest quality and the best colour selection of bamboo yarns regularly available.