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Care instructions

Smock Bibs & Art Smocks can be hand or machine washed up to 60°C using regular washing detergent

Do not tumble dry, iron, soak or bleach.

To remove stubborn stains, give the area a gentle rub with a laundry soap before washing.

It is worth noting that tomato-based foods are notorious for staining, so it's advised that you wash immediately after use.

It is advised to dry these products in the shade to prevent delamination of the PUL layers.


Bunny's and Sleepy Dolls can be hand or machine washed up to 40°C, cold rinse

If machine washing, place toy in a laundry wash bag & use the 'delicate' cycle on your machine.

Dry flat in the shade or hang on the line in a laundry wash bag.

Do not tumble dry, iron or bleach.